One Punch, One Life, One Question

Once again there is hauntingly familiar news of tragedy and teenagers. Yet another young person has died too soon.

But not via terminal disease, fateful accident or act of God. But an act of judgment.

Sickles High School senior Christopher Fannan was within a week of graduation when he ran afoul of an act of violence. Fannan was among a crowd of teenagers hanging at Steak ‘n Shake early last Sunday morning. There was a brief confrontation with some young men, and Fannan found himself on the receiving end of a fatal punch.

One punch, one life, one tragedy.

But amid the police investigation, the crisis-counseling sessions and a Steak ‘n Shake vigil, one question begs to be asked. Publicly. Yet again.

What were high school kids — imminent graduation notwithstanding — doing out at 4 a.m. Sunday? There are a number of things that can happen at that hour. Almost all of them are bad. Some tragic.

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