Charlie’s Miranda Rights

Is this getting personal or what?

Last week City Council Chairman Charlie Miranda, who is a candidate for mayor, took umbrage at plans by fellow mayoral candidate Frank Sanchez to visit city departments throughout the campaign. “Employees of the city should be working instead of giving kindergarten classes to political candidates,” sniffed Miranda.

A couple of days later Miranda couldn’t resist a swipe at Sanchez over some anonymous Sanchez ads that ran in three Bay Area weeklies. Political ads need to identify who paid for them. The matter has since been resolved.

Said Miranda of Sanchez, who is a rookie at running for public office: “Maybe he should run for president his first time out.”

Any chance the caustic comments reflect Miranda’s sense of “poaching” by Sanchez? Miranda can arguably claim to have paid his public service dues here while Ybor City native — and fellow Hispanic — Sanchez was building a killer resume elsewhere.

This may be as civil as it gets.

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