Vigilante Justice Upheld

The truly shocking part about the Kyle Rittenhouse acquital is that it wasn’t a shock. We could see it coming because we’ve seen what has preceded it.

We are a country where guns outnumber Americans and open carry is increasingly seen as a Constitutional right. No help from the Supreme Court is now a given. We are a country where assault weapons in the hands of non-military, non-law enforcement individuals are seen as an extension of militia-era Second Amendment rights and are, unconscionably, a politically partisan issue. We are, seemingly, headed in a dystopian direction unless we refocus our societal compass on common sense and the common good.

Then add the moral and legal outlier that is stand-your-ground self defense. It should be beyond defending when a 17-year-old can illegally have possession of an assault weapon, travel across a state line, provoke confrontations, create danger, kill two people and be found not-guilty on five charges. Zero legal consequences. Not even reckless endangerment! Who other than George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, could really, truly feel that anything other than a miscarriage of justice occurred in that Kenosha courthouse? This was Exhibit A for standing your groundless morality to advance the legal cause of vigilante justice.

And this just in. Fox News is marketing an exclusive interview and upcoming documentary on Rittenhouse.

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