* “There will be a next round of widespread cyberattack on our infrastructure. We are a step closer to military confrontation.”–Maysam Behravesh, former chief analyst for Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, on the ratcheting up of attacks between Israel and Iran.

* “We have total certainty that it’s possible to rebuild the country.”–Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, his corruption scandal now legally behind him, on his presidential comeback agenda.

* “The problem (with fighting climate change) is can you get the will to do it? It’s not going to come from the leadership. It has to come from mass popular action.”–Noam Chomsky, Jacobin.

* “COVID had seemingly been put in the rear-view mirror by financial markets until recently. At the least, (the virus) is likely to continue throwing sand in the gears of the global economy in 2022.”–Douglas Porter, chief economist at BMO Capital Markets.

* “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”–John F. Kennedy.

* “Being American is more than a pride we inherit. It’s the past we step into and how we repair it.”–Amanda Gorman, the nation’s first ever youth poet laureate.

* “Tapping the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve) will provide much-needed temporary relief at the pump and will signal to OPEC that they cannot manipulate supply to artificially inflate gas prices.”--Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

* “Thermostatic politics does not require Biden to change his policy proposals from the campaign. It also does not require close voter attention to policy detail. It just requires voters to see or expect a leftward change in policy from Trump.”–Michigan State political scientist Matt Grossman. the director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research.

* “Congress is like high school. Everyone is looking around to see what everyone else is doing—and then adjusting their behavior accordingly.”–Chris Cillizza, The Po!nt.

* “None of the needed (voting) reforms … will happen without filibuster reform. Sen. Joe Manchin can blather on about how the filibuster is essential to democracy (nonsensical as that may be), but 10 Republicans who will support any meaningful voting reform do not exist.”–Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.

* “Lonely, bored desperate for anything that will make our lives interesting, and convinced that we should all be at the center of great dramas, we feed on trash strewn before us by clever entrepreneurs who can monetize the movement of our eyeballs and the twitch of our mousing hand.”–Tom Nichols, Peacefield.

* “Corporations are beholden to their stockholders not to the (Florida) governor’s whims and fancies about ‘freedoms.’ And why is he trying to regulate the private sector? I thought the governor belonged to the party that is against regulation.”–Retired USF finance professor Murad Antia.

* “It’s an important component of people’s experience and memory and joy of visiting a place.”–Strategic Property Partners Vice President Brad Cooke, on the rationale for rolling out several public art projects for downtown’s Water Street Tampa development.

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