Dem Notes

* “America is back. Diplomacy is back. … We’re going to rebuild our alliances.” That was a multi-tasking President Joe Biden sending a morale-boosting message of reassurance to State Department staff and allies—as well as a reset signal to Russian Trump-handler Vladimir Putin.

* Biden’s biggest challenge: Keeping his word to Americans in need and keeping his pledge to restore bipartisanship in Washington. This isn’t Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill. Let’s not forget Mitch McConnell’s foremost priority—as stated within nanoseconds of Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2008. It was to ensure that Obama was a “one-term president.” He’s still there as the Minority Misleader of a 50-50 Senate. He’s proven that “country first” is still a non-starter.

* “No.” That was President Biden’s answer when asked (by CBS’s Norah O’Donnell) if the U.S. would drop sanctions on Iran as a first step toward reviving negotiations. In short, if the Iranians don’t stop enriching uranium, the sanctions stay.

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