Russian Retaliation

So in response to the West kicking out a bunch of Russian “diplomats,” Vlad Putin replies in tit-for-tat kind. As a result of East-West tensions, both sides have now expelled more than 150 of each other’s diplomats from two dozen countries.

So, what’s next? Well, how about a Kremlin response to the well-received comedy, “The Death of Stalin”? It brutally satirizes the in-fighting and paranoia-made-for-parody of  the 1954 Soviet regime change in the aftermath of Josef Stalin’s death. You just know Putin, who likely waxes nostalgic for a kick-ass, West-tantalizing leader, is not laughing at this disrespectful, authoritarian send-up.

Don’t discount a cinematic response. Can you imagine how America would look in a Russian-made, “Watergate” spoof? Or … No, let’s not go there. Besides, Putin likely has better cards to play on Trump.

Regardless of such scenarios, “The Death of Stalin” is worth catching. It’s funny shy of flat out farce. Most reigns of terror aren’t given to humor. It’s historic, geopolitical satire, and it’s (sight-gag executions) black comedy. It’s also very well scripted. Listen carefully to the dialogue asides.

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