Dem Notes

* “I believe that inflation is our top economic challenge right now. I think they (the Federal Reserve) do too.”–President Joe Biden.

* “Dangerous changes are taking place in the moral fiber of American society. To meet the challenge of our times—so that we can later look back upon this era not as one of which we need be ashamed but as a turning point on the way to a better America, we must first defeat the enemy within.” That was Robert F. Kennedy from the late 1950s, when he was chief counsel for the famed McClellan Committee that investigated corruption in organized labor. That was more than a half century removed from the raw nativism and faux freedom now polarizing America. Call it RFK’s spoiler alert for what we’ve been going through. Only the “enemy within” isn’t Jimmy Hoffa.

* “High speed internet is not a luxury any longer. It’s a necessity.”–President Joe Biden, in announcing that 20 internet companies have agreed to provide discounted service to people with low incomes.

* Angry protests at certain SCOTUS justices’ homes—however desperately tempting—should not be carried out. They actually sabotage the cause with accompanying cringe-worthy optics. It makes them look more like generic punks than women’s rights’ activists. It’s an invasion of privacy—however ironic that is. The cause of female autonomy deserves better than enabling made-for-GOPster, mid-term campaign ads.

Bottom line: Dems need to rally around this issue—not rail on around Sammy Alito’s house.

* “With Trump no longer in the White House and Biden’s approval ratings under water, the electability message is falling flat in Democratic primaries.”–Amy Walter of The Cook Report, on the Dems’ restive base.

* According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 70 percent of Americans view inflation as a “very big problem,” one that far outdistances every other issue.

* VP Kamala Harris has already cast the third-most tie-breaking Senate votes in history.

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