Alas, No Vaxx For Politics

Gov. Ron DeSantis has called for a (Nov. 15-19) special legislative session to “protect workers against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and address employer policies that force COVID-19 vaccination.” It will play well with Tallahassee GOPsters—and be well played on Fox. “Your right to earn a living should not be contingent upon COVID shots,” disingenuously declared DeSantis.

Too bad the governor didn’t say: “Your right to keep on living is contingent upon society doing everything to contain a pandemic. That’s all of us. We all have to do our part, and I can certainly help that happen. And nothing helps more than vaccinations, as we well know.

“This isn’t about pandering, bumper-sticker ‘liberties’; this is about enlightened self-interest and common sense, public-safety measures. To not back the mandating of vaccinations would be a dereliction of duty and, to be frank, a politically partisan crime against humanity. To leverage an anti-vaccination stand for political profit would be beyond unconscionable. That’s not who I am or, more importantly, who Floridians need me to be.”

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