Perilous Times

According to the new book “Peril” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Gen. Mark Milleyfelt the need to personally–and secretly–assure his Chinese counterpart that the U.S., regardless of what Demander-in-Chief Trump was blustering and tweeting about, would not attack China. Trump and his GOPster lackeys have now labeled the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs a “traitor.”

He’s not. In a Strangelovian way, he actually had the back of anybody who understandably feared a cataclysmic, worst-case scenario with a raging, unhinged president with access to nuclear codes. But Gen. Milley did have other choices besides blind fealty to an existential threat. He could have made a high-profile resignation—and then lend de facto support for, say, the 25th Amendment that can be invoked to remove a president for disability, including mental imbalance. Perhaps Mike Pence would have agreed by that time.

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