Media Matters

  • When Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in the bedroom of his home, it was easy to attribute it to failed-state dynamics and third world security. The attackers entered the president’s residence that required getting past a guarded security gate and then got access to the home. Well, check out “Zero Fail” by Carol Leonnig. It looks at the sobering, often embarrassing history of the U.S. Secret Service. In short, our own presidents–not just John F. Kennedy–and the White House, per se, have known mismanagement, unprofessionalism and outrageous breaches of security. Barack Obama would agree.
  • USA Today has shifted to a digital subscription model. The rest of Gannett’s 250 daily newspapers had already done so. USA Today became the final major national daily to require readers to pay to read news online.
  • Fox Weather, a 24-hour streaming channel, is scheduled to debut later this year. Have to wonder how climate change will be handled.
  • “Gypsy Moth”: The Entomological Society of America is dropping that name because it’s considered an ethnic slur.

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