Trumpster Diving

* “Truth Society.” That’s Donald Trump’s answer to Twitter and Facebook; it’s expected to be launched soon by the recently formed Trump Media & Technology Group.

* “Mr. Trump will not change, and Republicans who think a campaign to vindicate 2020 is the key to victory in 2022 will lose again.”–Wall Street Journal.

* “Just one day in January.” That’s how former Vice President Mike Pence recently described the Jan. 6 Capitol siege. It also describes Pence’s ultimate, post-Veep agenda: Hang in there, so to speak, and don’t say anything to alienate Trump and his minions.

* “Trump has handed authoritarians such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping a huge gift: a United States divided, internally preoccupied and contradicting its own democratic ideals.”–Stanford political scientist Francis Fukuyama.

* “(Trump’s) father divided the world into killers and losers. So rather than admit that he lost re-election, Trump was willing to egg on a seditious cult to overturn the election.”—Maureen Dowd, New York Times.

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