Trumpster Diving

* Second Amendment totem Kyle Rittenhouse was given a rousing, standing-ovation welcome at the conservative Turning Point USA America Fest 2021 in Phoenix. “You’re a hero to millions,” said Turning Point leader Charlie Kirk. “It’s an honor to be able to have you.” BTW, Rittenhouse recently met with Donald Trump and is the subject of a Tucker Carlson documentary airing on Fox Nation titled “The Trial of Kyle.”

* “It has been a horrible year, hasn’t it? … This was not just a bad disagreement over policy. This was an insurrection. This was a threat to our very democracy.”–Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, reflecting on Jan. 6, as well as failed efforts to convict the impeached Trump and create a truly bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection.

* “Republicans in Congress feel reasonably comfortable ignoring (Trump) on certain votes, Mitch McConnell continues to bestride the Senate in the face of Mr. Trump’s avowed hatred, and the former president’s primary endorsees are not all guaranteed victory.”–Ross Douthat, NY Times.

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