Sports Shorts

* According to MLB data from the commissioner’s office, the Tampa Bay Rays ranked 26th (out of 30 teams) in 2021 payrolls at $76.8 million. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees topped the list with payrolls of $262.1 million and $203.6 million, respectively. The four teams below the Rays in 2021 payrolls: Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

* “The Tampa Bay Find-A-Ways.”–How the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos characterized the Bolts’ resilience despite major injuries.

* No surprise that with the Omicron-driven pandemic surge the NHL has withdrawn from the winter Beijing Olympics. But even if a hockey player has a Stanley Cup ring or two, there remains something uniquely prideful in representing one’s country at the Olympics. Just ask Steven Stamkos.

* The Sports Business Journal has named Tampa its “Best Sports City of 2021.”

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