• Leon County was fined $3.5 million by the state for violating the ban on vaccination mandates and firing workers who chose not to get vaccinated. “No one should lose their job because of (COVID) shots,” explained Gov. Ron De Santis. Too bad he didn’t say: “No one should have the unilateral right to do that which is society-imperiling wrong during a pandemic. Obviously.”
  • According to data from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Florida isn’t running low on its supply of monoclonal antibodies. State hospitals had more than 20,000 doses.
  • “Not while I’m governor.”—Gov. Ron DeSantis, on marijuana legalization. We’ll be seeing that quote again—courtesy of DeSantis—as well as Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried and Annette Taddeo.
  • Among the 18 GOP states who have thrown their formal support behind Texas’ abortion law: Florida.
  • “What we do in Florida is, there’s a pre- and post-election (voting) audit that happens automatically. So, that has happened. It passed with flying colors.”—That was Gov. Ron DeSantis, recognizing reality and not enabling fraud conspiracists.

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