* Richard D. McCullough has been chosen as the next president of Florida State University. The former vice provost for research at Harvard has a vision that transcends FSU. He wants to help grow Tallahassee into a city like Charlotte—working with industry to better understand workforce demands. McCullough personifies what major universities need when they bring in a new president: an experienced academic who understands and prioritizes the synergy between universities and their communities.

* It looks like a chunk of the Dixie Highway, part of U.S. 1, will be re-named in honor of Harriet Tubman, the black abolitionist.It’s progress, however symbolic and incremental.

* There are more than 560,000 medical marijuana patients in Florida—a number that is growing by the thousands each week.

* One of the first colleges in the country to adopt a vaccine mandate (April 2) was Fort Lauderdale-based Nova Southeastern University.

* The number of states (22) withdrawing from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program now includes the Sunshine State. All 22 have Republican governors.

* It’s been well noted that when pushing a gambling agenda, it helps to call it “gaming.”

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