* According to the Census Bureau, the state of Florida has seen a 14.5 percent population increase in the last decade. It is now estimated at more than 21,500,000. As a result, Florida has gained one new U.S. House seat (as well as another Electoral College vote). Other states adding a seat: Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon and Montana. Texas has added two seats.

* More than three out of every 10 transgender kids has attempted suicide in the preceding year, according to the CDC. Yes, Florida Legislature and Gov. Ron DeSantis, this is about more than girls sports.

* Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz continues on as a member of the House Judiciary Committee, even though this is the committee that oversees the federal agency investigating him.

* How unconscionably stupid for that private Centner Academy in Miami to bar vaccinated teachers from student contact. Another sobering reminder that the reach of–and reaction to–misinformation is worrisome—even for those paying $30,000 in middle school tuition.

* In Tallahassee, lawmakers voted to gut the bill that would have permitted the building of more than 300 miles of toll roads across rural Florida. No studies proved a need for the project; the price tag would have been in the tens of billions; and the environmental impact would have been disastrous to pristine parts of the state. The House vote to repeal was 115-0, which means the Sunshine State doesn’t always live down to Flori-duh.

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