* About a decade ago, Tampa was primed for a high-speed rail connection to Orlando. The fed money and need were there, but Gov. Rick Scott was also there—and it never happened. Fast forward to now. The Biden Administration has proposed an infrastructure package that would include new investments in eco-friendly transit. Cities and states will be able to apply for grants that would include rail. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg especially favors rail demands from communities. He also knows the base-pandering ideological recent history—and logistical needs—of the Sunshine State.

Florida, points out Buttigieg, is a state with a lot of major metro centers that could benefit from “fast, affordable and increasingly clean means of getting there.” In short, underscored Buttigieg, “Florida is such a great candidate for rail.” Plus,there are no tax-and-tracks scenarios.

* Shouldn’t private businesses such as Twitter and Facebook have the right to decide what is acceptable on their own platforms? Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn’t think so.

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