*India has seen a devastating surge–amid an oxygen-supply shortage–as it sets global daily records for new infections. Also burdened by overwhelmed graveyards and crematoriums, India now has more than 17 million cases—behind only the U.S. (more than 32 million). And it hardly helps that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing mounting criticism for allowing Hindu festivals and attending large political rallies. Meanwhile, President Biden has committed to providing a range of emergency assistance, including oxygen-related supplies, vaccine materials and therapeutics.

* According to the CDC, hospital emergency departments experienced a 25 percent decline in patient visits this past December and January—compared with those months a year before—that are likely related to coronavirus fears.

* The supply of vaccine doses in the U.S. is now outpacing demand.

* Last year an estimated 42,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes—an 8 percent increase over 2019—even though the number of miles driven fell by 13 percent, according to the National Safety Council. The emptier roads led to more speeding, which led to more fatalities.

* The pandemic oil inventory glut is almost gone—underpinning a price recovery.

* According to current projections, half of Hillsborough County’s population 16 and older is expected to be vaccinated by the end of May.

* “A lot of people are doing the right things, but I also think there is a massive amount of COVID fatigue. I think there is a relaxation, collectively, on the mitigation effort.”–Dr. Jason Salemi, associate professor at USF’s College of Public Health.

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