Trumpster Diving

* From his 2020 autobiography, “Firebrand,” Gaetz praised the former president as someone “who doesn’t care for puritanical grandstanding or moralistic preening.” Only Roger Stone could have been more self-servingly specious. But the Panhandle panderer–now in the cross hairs of a federal sex-trafficking investigation–also doubled down, presciently it seems, on his own sleazy MO. “I’m a representative, not a monk,” he wrote, possibly with a straight face.

* It’s not uncommon to hear less-than-complimentary references to the new “roaring 20s.” In part, it’s a function of the partisan breech where Republican legislators still favor a Trump-friendly, anti-”socialist” pandering over country-first priorities. Call ‘em the “whoring 20s.”

* Senate Republicans have splintered into Pro-Trump and Pro-McConnell camps. Some Hobson choices are worse than others.

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