Media Matters

* In 1994, approximately 2,700 websites existed. By the next year, it was up to 23,500. By 2000, it was 17 million. Last year: more than a billion. It’s part of the Faustian deal.

* You know you are of a certain “Doo-wop” generation when you inadvertently refer to an all-time favorite group as “The Five Statins.”

* Aforementioned Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz just hit another high-profile-forum marker. He was satirized—if you can satirize a farce—by “Saturday Night Live” as part of its cold opening.

* And look who “60 Minutes” just put its searing spotlight on: Gov. Ron DeSantis. In its segment, acerbically entitled “A Fair Shot,” it focused on Florida’s “Hunger Games” vaccine roll out and access—and how it seemed to favor the wealthy and politically-connected, especially in Palm Beach and Lakewood Ranch. DeSantis appeared to be channeling Trump during a contentious press conference. “That’s a fake narrative. … You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Next question.”

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