Media Matters

* “Republiqan legislators.” G.B. Trudeau, Doonesbury.

* It’s all too familiar to see politicians, when asked a “yes” or “no” question, respond with only a pivot to their agenda. One that often begins with “Look, …” or “Here’s the deal” or “At the end of the day.” Perhaps President Biden should have been more equivocal–or diplomatic–when asked in an ABC interview if he thought Vladimir Putin was a “killer.” His candid response: “I do.” Not that Putin isn’t an authoritarian with blood on his hands, and no, Putin is no longer a U.S. presidential handler, but the “killer” candor just provides fodder for an America-loathing adversary to disengage—except for more cyber attacks. We need to talk to our adversaries, whether it’s Putin or Kim Jong Un. No free passes or love letters—but candor shy of counterproductive, international insult.

* Add “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to national media criticizing Florida for its spring break, beach-partying scenes.

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