Bloody Sunday Order

* No better time for President Joe Biden to issue an executive order promoting voting rights than the (56th) anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” It was accompanied by a direct presidential message to voter-suppressing politicians that cuts to the democratic quick: “If you have the best ideas, you have nothing to hide. Let the people vote.” John Lewis couldn’t have said it better.

* Granted the rescue package had some debatable inclusions. Necessary minimum wage increases can be done separately, and there’s nothing wrong with applying reasonable means tests for benefits. But it’s beyond disappointing and disillusioning that no Congressional Republican could sign on to the stimulus package.

* “It’s a big (stimulus) package, but I think that we need to go big now, and that we can afford to go big. … I’m hopeful that, next year, with a package of this size, we can be back at full employment.”–Treasury Secretary—and former Federal Reserve chair—Janet Yellen.

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