Media Matters

* It’s worth checking out Martin Scorsese’s seven-episode, Netflix documentary, “Pretend It’s a City.” Its focus is the humorous curmudgeon, 70-year-old Fran Lebowitz. Her observational quips about life in New York—and rapid, rapier wit–are sardonically entertaining. But after the last episode, this much was also apparent. Lebowitz would be fun to run into at a party or while walking your dog. But, no, I wouldn’t want her for a next-door neighbor.

* “There’s no telling what the (Super Bowl) economic impact is going to be like. But I can promise you the media value will be phenomenal. And the social impact will last a long, long time after this game has come and gone.” That was Rob Higgins, Super Bowl Host Committee CEO and president. Super Bowl LV will be telecast to more than 100 countries.

* It’s official. Merriam-Webster has now added “Second Gentleman” to its website.

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