Dem Notes

* It’s imperative that President Biden have a united party—as he tackles the unification of this country. That means Dems on the progressive far left need to be part of the pragmatic healing. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the liberal avatar,helped out with her high-profile endorsement of Biden’s America Rescue Plan. “I carefully read President Biden’s America Rescue Plan,” she stated. “It’s full of many things I’ve been fighting for. Hazard pay. Rent and utility assistance. An eviction moratorium. Extended and expanded unemployment (relief). Paid leave. A $15 minimum wage.”

* No Florida Republican representative voted for impeachment. Not actually voting was Rep. Daniel Webster, who was not there. He doesn’t believe in proxy voting. Thus, he declined on “principle,” he explained. How hypocritical. If principle were truly involved, it would have been a proxy “yes.” Inciting sedition that cost lives requires more than an absentee non-vote. Some principles are more important than others.

* “Voter turnout is the best remedy to voter suppression.”–Stacey Abrams.

* Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is making history. But that could be superceded, as we know, in 2024. Imagine a Kamala Harris-Nikki Haley presidential scenario. Historic—and then some. But the bottom line would still be the same. A Democrat vs. a Trump enabler.

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