Sports Shorts

* Ironic that both times the Lightning won the Stanley Cup were in the context of blind-siding scenarios that drastically impacted the following seasons. The 2019-20 Stanley Cup champions can anticipate lots of pandemic-causing unknowns in 2021–from when the season will actually begin and how many games will be scheduled to attendance limits and whether players can remain safe without a bubble. Back in 2003-04, the Bolts Stanley Cup win was followed by a season canceled by a lockout.

* The Rays’ Kevin Cash deserved his American League Manager of the Year award. It wasn’t even close. What he won’t deserve is the Blake Snell/World Series asterisk that will forever be associated with his name in baseball lore.

* Kim Ng, who was hired by MLB’s Miami Marlins, has become the first female general manager in the four major North American pro sports leagues. She was brought in by Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, who became MLB’s first CEO of color in 2017.

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