Media Matters

  • “The news media, in general, has not done a good job of covering the Latino vote.”—Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post.
  • John King is CNN’s go-to, electoral-map guy. Two takeaways. He’s good at what he does–no melodramatics, no optics—not even rolled-up sleeves. Second, did he have his own air mattress in the CNN studio? What a week-long, around-the-clock slog on voting returns for network media monitors.
  • Other than Trump, the election’s other prominent loser was polling. Florida can attest. And it’s a lot more than Alessi “candidate cookie polls.” It’s fallout from a new societal normal—from push polls and cell/land line phone disparities to suspect sampling, “professionalism” of callers and the sheer receptivity—including candor—of respondees who increasingly don’t want to be bothered. No, this is not back-in-the-day Gallup, for whom polling to households was a calling–not a business-model adjunct.
  • “Many in the right-wing media bubble are marooned in a time warp in which the ‘other side’ is some Cold War-era Marxist caricature. (Hence the infatuation with the3 word ‘socialist.’).”—Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post.
  • “Our fight should be for a more perfect union and not against each other.”—NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.

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