Dem Notes

“Yes, we can.”

  • Bottom line for Dems. You don’t follow the history-making presidency of an African-American with a white nationalist autocrat. And you don’t follow a progressive Supreme Court icon with another “originalist” Federalist Society suck-up. The former can be reversed, although not without collateral damage. The latter, however, could impact the court—and America’s take on women’s rights, voting rights, health care, immigration, a controversial presidential election and more—for a generation.  
  • However this shakes out, we’ll be seeing vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris playing a notable role in her capacity as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • The Biden campaign has seen a quick surge in donations in the aftermath of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and myriad vigils around the country. It includes ActBlue, an online fundraising hub, which raised $30 million in 12 hours. The efforts could further gin up young voters, especially women. And it could more than offset re-energized evangelical Christians, who still don’t consider hypocrisy a sin.
  • Biden’s press conference on COVID: He had just spoken with a roundtable of scientists and had done his homework. He sounded knowledgeable, candid and caring—enough that it will hopefully resonate with accountability, competence and empathy manifestly juxtaposed to Trump’s duplicitous pandemic mismanagement that continues to unnecessarily cost America lives.
  • Biden and awkward gaffes: a given.Trump and self-serving lies: a given. False equivalence, anyone?
  • “It’s all about Biden from here on out. …The Trump carnival rolls on, but it’s merely a sideshow now.”—Matt Bai, Washington Post.
  • Some bottom lines never change. To wit: Edmund Burke’s brutally spot-on, all-too-prescient assessment that “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Obviously, it still applies. The upside for America: Good men still outnumber their evil counterparts. But that has to be reflected in the November vote.

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