Media Matters

  • To no one’s surprise, the 2020 virtual political conventions attracted fewer television viewers than the 2016 version. But one set of new-normal numbers still stands out—at least from the ego-driven perspective of Donald Trump. According to Nielsen TV ratings, Trump’s 70-minute, White House-backdropped, acceptance speech to a live, tightly-packed and largely unmasked crowd of more than 1,000 was seen by about 23.8 million live viewers. Joe Biden’s virtual version was seen by 24.6 million viewers.
  • “I’ve seen better cabinets at Ikea.” Still a favorite anti-Trump, Women’s March sign.
  • For fans of the 1980s high school-hoops classic, “Hoosiers,” how disappointing to see “The Way Back,” the Ben Affleck-starring version of the feel-good, underdog genre. “Hoosiers” featured Gene Hackman as a coach with a problematic past and Dennis Hopper as the town drunk. “The Way Back” Affleck character awkwardly combines them both. “The Way Back,” an exercise in languor and clichés, pales. Even during a feel-bad pandemic.

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