Dem Notes

“Yes, we can.”

  • “Trump lied and people died.” Now a bottom-line Democratic theme—brutal, but not a lie.
  • “More cops have died from COVID this year than have been killed on patrol.” Joe Biden weighing in with public health/law-and-order context.
  • $100 million: What Michael Bloomberg is committing to the Biden Florida campaign. Among the foremost, micro-targeted priorities: boosting Spanish language advertising in key markets.
  • American University historian Allan Lichtman, known for his “Keys to the White House” model, has accurately predicted the outcome of every presidential election since 1984, including 2016–sometimes defying the conventional wisdom of pundits and pollsters. For 2020, he predicts a Biden victory.
  • Too bad that “socialism” too often resonates more than “authoritarianism” with Cuban-American voters.
  • The CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) Action Fund and its Immigrant Power PAC announced their first-ever endorsement in a presidential election, throwing support behind the Biden-Harris ticket. “We chose decency over mean-spiritedness, inclusiveness over racism, democracy over plutocracy,” noted CHIRLA President Angelica Salas. Todo ayuda.

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