Media Matters

  • Editorial pushback: “Encourage more muscular reporting about race and social inequities.” That’s from a letter to the editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal from staff members, who laid out detailed proposals for revising its news coverage. In short, having a business-coverage model doesn’t preclude a societal focus on race and policing.
  • It was well noted when Joy Reid, 51, took over MSNBC’s (erstwhile “Hardball”) 7:00 p.m. time slot with “The ReidOut.” It made the Harvard-educated journalist cable TV’s first black female prime time anchor. One piece of Reid advice: Don’t develop a schtick; you’re better than that. Discerning, probing and listening tops entertaining, especially now. Schedule fewer guests and longer exchanges. Rein in the laughter at the other side—just continue to make the case against them. And get rid of the “Craziest Damn Thing in the World Today” segment that ends with the tossing of papers—and a major measure of non-show biz credibility–in the air.
  • There have always been “tell-all” books. But now, in the era of Trump, political-revenge exploitation is now its own genre.

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