• West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner has urged young people to work the upcoming polls as a “call to arms” not unlike joining the military after 9/11. Good analogy. Remember “… What you can do for your country”? JFK didn’t speak in a pandemic context, but the principle applies.
  • National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien is now the highest-ranking White House official to test positive for the coronavirus.
  • Since July, Arizona leads the nation in new infections per test: 25.3 percent. Florida is second at 18.8 percent.
  • An estimated 27 million American workers require child care, which includes schools, to return to full-time work.
  • 77: That’s how many hand sanitizers have been recalled by the FDA because they contain dangerous levels of wood alcohol.
  • Limits of virtual classrooms: Boston, for example, reported that roughly 20 percent of enrolled students never logged in.
  • About 46 percent of Florida deaths are linked to long-term care facilities.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays will not play their home games at home this season. By order of Canadian health officials, teams will not be permitted to fly in and out of Toronto from the COVID-epicenter that is the U.S. Canada is afraid that frequent travel to and from the U.S. could provoke a spike in coronavirus cases. No one is happy—but Justin Trudeau possibly feels a sense of reprisal for Trump’s arrogant, ally-alienating “America First” agenda.
  • 206: COVID-19 cases reported in Hillsborough County Public Schools this year. Five of the patients were students.
  • He’s still a player: Dr. Anthony Fauci threw outthe ceremonial first pitch at the Nationals MLB opener against the Yankees. It’s what you do when you are disinvited from the reintroduced presidential coronavirus press ramblings. It’s also what you do when you are the Nationals and you want someone appropriate to throw out the season-opening first pitch during a pandemic. That, of course, should be the president—unless he’s more of a self-serving, chaotic enabler than a genuine leader during a crisis.
  • Marriott Hotels, the world’s largest hotel chain, has begun requiring guests to use facial coverings in its 7,300 hotels. The requirement applies to guests in all indoor public spaces. Good idea—three months ago.
  • As we’ve been seeing, you can’t mask ignorance and stupidity.
  • The Small Business Administration and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are being sued because the PPP has denied help to adult businesses and strip clubs.

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