Legal Input Matters

* Lets’ hear it for the Lawyers March For Social Justice rally downtown. These weren’t the usual activists trying to form a much less imperfect union. These were key elements of our legal infrastructure, including State Attorney Andrew Warren, who are in a position to make a societal difference.                                            

* It would help if Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister were totally on board with the (mandatory indoor) mask order. But he was one of the no votes against the rule created by the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group. No, it can’t be a “personal choice” to be, in effect, a de facto enabler of a pandemic.

* Police Chief Brian Dugan, understandably, has a lot to juggle. Protect the public. Safeguard constitutional rights. Defend equal justice. Battle racism. Stand up for his officers. Maintain morale. Weed out bad cops. He wears a lot of hats and carries a weighty agenda. Too bad he chose “Fox & Friends” as a forum to make his points–and have them cherry-picked by the usual suspects.

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