Dem Notes

* A best-case scenario right now for Joe Biden is for Trump to keep doubling down on his off-the-cuff, misleading messaging via daily press briefings that alarms the scientific community and worries non-Trump-base viewers. The Biden campaign’s hope is that the former vice president will be impressively juxtaposed to Trump bombast and incoming ridicule with something akin to well-scripted, gaffe-free, digital-age fireside chats from his Delaware residence.

* “The best politics for Joe Biden will be the (vice presidential) selection of a woman who will be, and be seen as, qualified to be president of the United States.”–Richard Moe, former chief of staff to Vice President Walter Mondale.

* “(Biden) will get the overwhelming majority of the black vote, the question is turnout.”–Civil rights activist and talk show host Al Sharpton.

* Speaking of turnout, the Biden campaign remains concerned that they haven’t been seeing signs of a big turnout by Latino voters, who are critical for winning key swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

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