* “Early on, the Saudis identified the Trump Administration’s approach to foreign policy as transactional, run by deal makers looking out for the bottom line, not by diplomats focused on long-term  interests or even, at times, values. Trump’s game was one the Saudis knew how to play.”–Ben Hubbard, author of “The Rise to Power of Mohammed bin Salman.”

* “The W.H.O. really blew it. … They could have called it months earlier.”–President Donald Trump in calling out the World Health Organization for being “very Chinese centric” and indicating that he would be considering cutting funding to the WHO.

* “The press HATED that, three months ago, we had the lowest African-American & Hispanic unemployment ever recorded. Now that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic–which originated in Wuhan, not the Oval Office–too many in the press are giddy with glee.”–Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

* “The news media are not the enemy–despite our president’s unrelenting attempts to paint them as such. They are the last line of defense in protecting our democracy from turning into an authoritarian state.”–Former Florida Republican state legislator Paula Dockery, who’s now registered NPA.

* “Facts are empowering. Even when the facts are discouraging, not knowing the facts is worse. I promise that I will continue to give New Yorkers all the facts, not selective facts.”–New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

* “What do I know? I’m not a doctor. But I have common sense.”–Donald Trump.

* “We have a thing called a Constitution, which I cherish.”–Donald Trump.

* “(Trump) can’t escape his instincts, his desire to put people down … or to talk about his ratings. That’s why he’s not getting the George W. Bush post-9/11 treatment.”–Former Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo.

* “Polls now even show Biden with a slight edge in Florida. … If Trump is losing in Florida, he’s not about to be beaten, he’s about to be crushed.”–Eugene Robinson, Washington Post.

* “No Senate Republicans voted against the $2.2 trillion Phase 3 rescue bill, an unprecedented expansion of government’s cost and reach. As it turns out, there are few libertarians in economic foxholes.”–William A. Galston, Wall Street Journal.

* “The communications coming out of (Gov. Ron DeSantis’) office have been very strange. And it’s hard to get answers from his staff.”–St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman.

* “Measured, targeted and focused–timely and transparent.”–How Ron DeSantis spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferre characterized the governor’s coronavirus response.

* “We should expect that the recession will last at least until we have a vaccine.”–Stetson University economist Alan Green.

* “Officers are very empathetic with what is going on in America right now. There’s not a lot of desire to hit someone with a $200 fine.”–Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter. Traffic citations across the state dropped 92 per cent last month compared with March 2019.

* “When I get to heaven, I’m gonna shake God’s hand. Thank Him for more blessings than one man can stand. Then I’m gonna get a guitar and start a rock ‘n’ roll band.”–The late singer-songwriter John Prine.

* “In my opinion, the answer to Bayshore is to break it up.”–Mayor Jane Castor, in recommending more traffic lights for Bayshore Boulevard.

* “It is critical that, in times of need, our community members with the means to do so find ways to give back and support our first responders who are the front lines of this battle.”–Eddie DeBartolo Jr. He and his wife Candy recently donated $2.65 million to Tampa General Hospital. It’s part of a $7.65 million donation the DeBartolos have made to TGH over a five-month period.

* “We have faced devastating hurricanes and recessions in the past, but nothing like this in our 45-year history.”–Tim Marks, CEO and president of Metropolitan Ministries.

* “Let’s continue to balance our lives and support one another. Quality over quantity. Patience before programs. Love before lessons.”–Pinellas County school Superintendent Mike Grego.

* “I do believe we have now come to the point where we have reached a dire situation where we have to use this interest.”–Michele Van Loan, Tampa’s community development agency director, in announcing that small businesses in distressed areas will be eligible for grants–paid out of the accumulated interest in Tampa’s redevelopment area coffers.

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