Dem Notes

* That 12th debate is increasingly looking like the Olympics, which was on hold until, inevitably, it couldn’t hold up to pandemic context and all its mutating, movable parts. Officially, the DNC has not called off the debate–now down to two candidates, one with a near-insurmountable lead–scheduled for later this month. “We don’t have a (media) partner or a location or a date,” said a DNC spokesperson. Other than that, stay tuned.

* While others speculate about when Bernie Sanders will formally bow out, the feisty Democratic socialist is not giving any hints. Among those not surprised that Sanders is still officially competing for the nomination is Nick Carter, who was Sanders’ political outreach director for the 2016 campaign. And it’s not about ego or stubbornness or irascibility. “For someone who has built a career out of campaigning against the inequality of our health care system, this is prime time,” underscored Carter.

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