* “We’re winning the battle, we’re winning the war–we’ll be back together in churches, right next to each other.”–From Donald Trump’s Easter message.

* European nations now requiring masks in public: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia–plus Turkey.

* In-person voting and pandemic-driven, stay-at-home orders are antipodes. Including Wisconsin.

* Ron DeSantis should be having daily media briefings–not Donald Trump.

* Perspective: Last week, which can seem like a light year ago, Wall Street had its best week in 45 years. But the stock market, as we well know, is not the economy.

* Call it COVID choreography: Those circuitous routes we find ourselves taking when approaching other pedestrians.

* Special place in hell: For those online scammers and price gougers during a pandemic.

* Being informed is never more important than during a crisis. But even if you’re a news junkie, cutting back on the news, especially the TV version with its news-cycle drumbeat and visceral, inevitable optics, is better for your mental health.

* For all of us self-isolators, the video escape option is always in play. That includes classic movies, such as “The Graduate,” that hold up well across generations, even when downsized for the small screen. Then I came across a list of “classic” sports movies, including personal favorites “Field of Dreams,” “Raging Bull,” “Hoosiers” and “The Natural.”  It also included “Bang The Drum Slowly” from 1973. Have to disagree big time with Rotten Tomatoes on this one. The movie harkens back to the time when most sports movies were not very good, unless corny and unrealistic are considered praiseworthy. Think goofy caricatures and a life-and-death theme that’s awkwardly trivialized. Robert De Niro might still be embarrassed.  

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