Trumpster Diving

* “It Can’t Happen Here.” “1984.” “The Manchurian Candidate.” “Night of Camp David.” “Seven Days in May.” The list keeps growing. Will we add  “Dr. Strangelove”?

* Don’t look for  Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Acolyte,  to be any less sycophantic toward Trump despite the White House’s lack of Congressional consultation over matters of war. But let’s not forget that not long ago he sponsored legislation that would have mandated that the president obtain explicit congressional approval before going to war with Iran. That was Gaetz then. Fealty to the Oval Orifice matters above all.

* “Gangster-like.” How North Korean leader Kim Jong Un characterized U.S. pressure on his country’s nuclear capabilities. Imagine how he would have referenced it if he and Donald Trump didn’t have a world-stage bromance going on.

* Donald Trump, who wouldn’t know a communion plate from a collection plate, returned to his new home state for a bible-fondling love-in with duped and deluded evangelicals in South Florida. How unsurprising that he began his remarks by celebrating an assassination. It went over well. Nothing surprises when the fawning, hypocritical King Jesus International Ministry is officially launching and celebrating the oxymoronic “Evangelicals for Trump.”

* Rudy Giuliani would be perfectly cast by Goethe. A respected prosecutor. “America’s Mayor” after 911. Now he’s Trump’s miscalculating, all-purpose lotion boy. From Fox to Ukraine. Speaking of Trump, he’s not a Faustian sort. Have to have a soul to begin with.

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