Media Matters

* R.I. P., Newseum.

Sad, but hardly surprising, to see that Washington’s Newseum, a private museum dedicated toexploring modern history through the eyes of journalists, has closed. It was always a challenge from its recession-era 2008 debut as a private institution–and the Pennsylvania Avenue real estate was too prime. But the timing couldn’t be worse. In the epoch of social media manipulation and mainstream media demonization as “fake news” and “enemy of the people,” the need for highlighting journalism as an indispensible bulwark of democratic society has never been more acute. 

* CNN’s Sunday “State of the Union” featured the identically surnamed Republican senator from Louisiana, John Kennedy, and the Democratic representative from Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy III. Too bad they don’t have more in common.

* “I talk to millions of people every day. I just like it when they can’t talk back.”–The late disc jockey/radio personality Don Imus.

* Remember when movies were escape? And has there ever been a more compelling time for doing just that? But “Bombshell” is not escape; it’s a reminder of what we’re trying to escape from. And Foxy anchors are not exactly “Me Too” avatars. And then there’s “The Hidden Life.” Anything with a Nazi theme and group think can’t help but carry contemporary overtones. But both are worth seeing, if not sanctuaries from you know what.

* Speaking of movies, “The Two Popes,” regardless of your religion, is also worth catching. It’s  dialogue centric, which means it would also play well as a play. As opposed to “The Irishman,” which could have addressed its editing issues by eliminating tedious dialogue among mobsters.  

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