Foreign Affairs

* Japan made news recently for executing its first foreigner–a Chinese man convicted of murder–in 10 years. It was also a reminder that Japan and the U.S. are the only two countries in the Group of Seven advanced nations that retain the death penalty.

* Say what? Russia’s Vladimir Putin, hardly an avatar of geopolitical veracity, also has a revisionist shtick. He recently claimed that Poland bears blame for the outbreak of World War II. “Fake news?” Not, presumably, if it emanates from on high. No wonder he gets along well with his American counterpart.         

* If Boeing wants to do everything it conceivably can to make sure that the international market for its 737 Max is convinced of its safety, here’s a suggestion. Make sure there’s a serious Boeing corporate presence, starting with new CEO Dennis Mullenburg, on board for high-profile test flights and a number of early prominent commercial flights, starting with Ethiopian Airlines and Indonesia’s Lion Air. Boeing has to be totally on board as it repairs relationships with regulators, airlines and, most importantly, passengers.    

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