Dem Notes

* With so much so obviously at stake–and the choices so starkly differentiated–why does it still require a massive, motivational get-out-the-vote campaign to rid ourselves of Unprecedented Trump and the threat he manifestly represents nationally and internationally? This shouldn’t be political business as usual–from the grass roots to brass tacks. Making the case for the female vote, the African-American vote, the Hispanic vote, the suburban vote, the evangelical vote, the rural vote, the college-degree vote and the “swing state” vote, as if the case wasn’t being made–and remade–with every presidential tweet, lie and self-serving abuse of power.

Maybe it’s human nature, democratic governments and their hallowed institutions notwithstanding. People are busy. They have other priorities, from family to wage earning. Social media too easily manipulates and masquerades as news. Or maybe it’s the ongoing impact of the culturally-embedded, political consultant-adviser industrial complex. Or maybe it’s an ironic part of “American exceptionalism.”

History will inform us.

* “Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him.”–That was Donald Trump sophomorically mocking Sen. Cory Booker, who has ended his presidential campaign. At some level, maybe even Trump knows that he hasn’t heard the last from Booker. The New Jersey senator is an impeachment jurist, a viable vice presidential candidate, an articulate campaigner who can help gin up the post-Obama African-American vote–and one who reportedly doesn’t handle Trump disparagement well.

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