Dem Notes

* Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, that state’s first black governor, is now running for president. At least his last-minute venture is not coinciding with a book tour. Among those likely less than pleased: Joe Biden. Patrick has close ties to former President Barack Obama and his network of advisers and donors. Could be awkward for a while.

* Speaking of Biden, the co-chairman of his campaign, Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond, was blunt–and speaking for more than Biden–in his take on the entry of Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic sweepstakes. “It takes a whole lot of moxie to look at the Democratic field and say, ‘None of them can be president and I’ll enter the race and be the savior.'” Wonder if “moxie” were a last-minute edit replacing “chutzpah”?

* Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the millennial mayor of a city smaller than a New York City Council district. Yes, you’ll hear that reference again as Buttigieg continues to gather momentum, including among donors.

* “I don’t know if America is ready for a woman of color, with an immigrant background to be president of the United States.” Sen. Kamala Harris.

* “Some of the luster has come off of firsts.”–Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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