Dem Notes

  • All indications, including recent Iowa polling, indicate Elizabeth Warren is notably ascendant among primary candidates. Now she has earned the endorsement of the labor-aligned Working Families Party. In 2016, the WFP endorsed Bernie Sanders.    
  • Former Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio: “It’s clearly not my time.” Clearly.
  • Dems have to be careful about overthinking the “electability” approach to the nomination. “Too moderate,” “too progressive,” “too idealistic,” “too old,” “too frenetic,” “too young and gay,” “too much baggage” are not the disqualifiers of another era. That’s because the opponent is Donald Trump, an unhinged con man who morphed from “The Apprentice” to the president, and all bets are off in this deplorably “new normal.”
  • “Joe Biden’s record of getting things done speaks for itself. He has always put the American people above party lines and will continue to as president.” That was Congressman Charlie Crist, D-St. Petersburg, who has endorsed Biden.

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