Dem Notes

  • The DNC has been criticized for not holding a climate-specific debate. Rightly so. Addressing the ultimate global threat is that important.
  • Tech entrepreneur John Yang’s feisty supporters are an eclectic lot, including progressives, libertarians and some Trump supporters. He has a campaign acronym—MATH (Make America Think Harder)–that is even showing up, MAGAesque, on hats.
  • “I think it’s really, really, really important that Donald Trump not be re-elected.” That was Joe Biden’s response to a reporter’s question on why, why, why he wants to be president.
  • “He doesn’t think you need a revolution.”—Anita Dunn, media strategist for Joe Biden.
  • If the Democrats still believe in demographics as destiny and really want to double down on appealing to an increasingly diverse electorate, they may want to consider a Kamala Harris-Bill de Blasio ticket. A black female married to a white man and a white male married to a black woman.

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