Assault On Sense

A November 2020 state ballot proposal would prohibit possession of assault weapons, but would provide an exception for people who own the guns at the time the measure takes place. These people would be able to keep their assault weapons if they register their guns with the state. Estimated cost of building such a registry: $4 million.

While too much of our politics are disingenuous, zero-sum bullet points, this one applies. Don’t do it. No nuance. No assault weapons for anybody—because nobody not with the military, local police or national guard has a need for such. And they can—and have—and will again be used in a mass shooting. The laws of unintended consequences are still on the books. So, save lives and dollars. It shouldn’t be a matter of registration and grandfathering–and a year to stock up. It’s a matter of common sense and public safety.

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