Tampa Bay

  • “I want to see this succeed. This is going to be big for the city of Tampa.”—That was Tampa City Councilman Joseph Citro speaking about—scooters. I hope he’s right; I also hope we haven’t unduly lowered the bar on what could be “big” for Tampa. Of much more concern, however, are the downsides of trafficking in hip transit toys in an area notorious for all manner of traffic accidents and fatalities.
  • Media coverage of this year’s Tampa Bay Comic Convention included a new-normal juxtaposition: Those dressed in pop-culture, comic character and those SWAT team officers keeping a close eye on attendees.
  • The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority board recently awarded TIA CEO Joe Lopano a 7 percent raise, increasing his salary to $508,000. Well earned, Joe-Lo. That’s because whoever is in charge at TIA can be a serious bottom-line difference-maker. In Lopano’s eight years at the helm, TIA has grown its passenger count 40 percent (to 22.3 million) and its operating revenues by 63 percent (to $267 million). For more societal context, the minimum salary for Major League Baseball players is $555,000.
  • Look for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to morph into much more of a major marketing icon now that it’s being outfitted with those colorful LED Lights. We’re talking national and international focus.  

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