Tampa Bay Tidbits

* Among the off-putting, controversial tweets attributed to St. Pete City Council candidate Scott Orsini is this one: “I thought about getting a bicep tattoo and then remembered it wasn’t 1992 and that I’m not a lesbian.” Maybe that was Orsini’s indirect way of outing himself as a biceptual.

* From the get-go, it was always telling that Jeff Vinik, Tampa’s makeover catalyst, never became a player in a baseball-stadium scenario for Tampa. That was–and still is–a difference maker.

* How, ironically, appropriate that the Hillsborough County Republican Party has a new monthly meeting location: The River of Tampa Bay, an evangelical church. Although some GOPsters are apparently a little uncomfortable with the overlap of religion and politics, it makes sense. The evangelical vote helped elect Trump, an absolute avatar of immorality. Obviously hypocrisy is still not a sin.

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