Media Matters

* Plaudits to the Tampa Bay Times for joining several other major Florida newspapers plus WLRN Public Media to share content and produce stories about climate change. For once, the Times‘ “Inside the  Newsroom” column wasn’t perfuming the pig about something that is a distraction from letting good people go, not prioritizing proofreaders and limiting coverage of important events because of early deadlines. Times are tough; it’s a daily challenge; but prioritizing the existential issue of our lives in such a collaborative way is commendable.

* “Yesterday” is a romantic comedy. That’s like saying Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer. True, but. Once you accept the premise that anything can happen as a result of a nano-second, global power outage, you’re in for a fun, magical-realism experience featuring classic Beatles tunes.    You go with the fanciful flow and enjoy the tribute.  Especially if you’re of a certain generation.

Catch it while it’s around on the big screen. If convenient, see “Yesterday” today or tomorrow. It’s quality escape–no Marvel heroes; no sequels of sequels. Only gratuitous fun and nostalgia. Now, more than ever.

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