Tampa Tidbits

* It’s a good sign that Mayor Jane Castor is appointing study groups–which include outside stakeholders–to make recommendations on priorities such as affordable housing. This is a gut issue for a city in the midst of morphing into revitalization. Crunch time will be the follow-up. We’ll be watching.

*This just in: Tampa is nationally notorious for pedestrian-and-bicyclist safety. Yeah, let’s add scooters. Hip is worth it.

* Call it Tampa’s contribution to “Flori-duh.” Or maybe the cough heard round the council. It even made overseas media. So, did Carrie Henriquez, a (since resigned) legislative aide to Tampa City Council member Guido Maniscalco, say “a– hole” or not when standing behind chairman Mark Vieri? Was it a faux-cough vulgarity? Or was she targeting Vieri, who won the chairmanship vote over Maniscalco a month ago, by merely labeling him a “crass soul”? Or was she looking for any forum for her “grassy knoll” theories?  

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