Biden’s Burden

Timing once again is everything. If this were any other time, Joe Biden would not be a player in the upcoming presidential sweepstakes. Too old at 76, too gaffe prone for the hustings and too much baggage.  

But age, gaffes, Anita Hill, a touchy-feely modus operandi, abortion controversy and Congressional camaraderie with Dixiecrats doesn’t matter so much if you’re squaring off against an immoral, unethical, unhinged, unread, xenophobic septuagenarian racist-misogynist. Biden can get in Trump’s face and confront him on the issues, which he knows better than the incumbent. He could take on–and take down Trump.

But all of his shortcomings–while negated vis a vis Trump–can be magnified along the primary crucible against a diverse mix of mostly generational activists. Biden would look much better against Trump than against many of his Democratic peers, whose strategies could amount to collective shots at the presumed, old-school front runner. The challenge is daunting.

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