Sports Shorts

* “Our relationship to these young people is to educate them, to help them grow. Not to be their agent for financial gain.” That was the Rev. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, on the student-athlete reality in a high-profile, iconic football program. Of course there was some self-serving, Irish spin there, but, all the same, I don’t see the presidents of Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma, for example, having the effrontery to go public with that kind of statement.

* Yes, Urban Meyer is retiring–but won’t actually leave the Ohio State University campus. Meyer, 54, will become an OSU assistant athletic director and will also co-teach a class on “leadership and character.” The latter seems ironic–at best–for one who was suspended this season for mishandling domestic-violations allegations against a former assistant coach.

* One word we can do without when it comes to, especially, football is “swagger” or “swag.” It’s meant to mean playing with “attitude.” We get that–until we’re reminded how swag typically manifests itself. It’s an on-field synonym for arrogance and boorishness. Why not encourage players to play “with confidence“–even if that doesn’t sound very cool or intimidating.

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